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The Best Nest Contest

Written and illustrated by Luke Western

A stunning children's book, written for children aged 4-8.

Inspire a love of nature in your little one, teaching them about British garden birds and their nesting habits through this lovely illustrated, rhyming story.

Illustrated Story

This 48 page book is illustrated throughout by Luke Western, keeping your child engaged and interested. Children will learn about different birds nests, from the common wood pigeon to the red listed house sparrow. 


David Royle

Being an avid wildlife enthusiast, and having children who are just as excited about nature as I am, led me to purchase Luke's new storybook "The Best Nest Contest".

A beautifully illustrated rhyming storybook that's perfect for young children! I hope this is the first of many!
Beautiful book and story.
I purchased two of Luke's beautiful books. One for my three children and one for their school teacher to share with their class.
The kids have asked to read it every night, they love recognising the birds and eggs and the illustrations throughout are amazing.
Hopefully a family favourite for years to come.

Anne Parker

The book is a delight. Saw it on Facebook, it timed in beautifully with the discovery of a deserted, old nest in ivy covering a wall that my daughter and partner are updating prior to moving in. 4yr old grandson wanted to know which bird had built it! Then I chanced upon this gem of a book. It was a chaffinch nest.
The illustrations are glorious. The prose wonderful. Celebrates differences!
All in all I highly recommend this fabulous book.
Thank you

Rhyming Story

Written for young readers

The Best Nest Contest has been written to encourage a love of independent reading in children aged 4-8. 

Simple language

This book helps children build confidence and fluency through easy and consistent rhyming patterns, avoiding any complex words. 


Wonderful introduction to British Birds

‘This colourful and quirky children’s book is a wonderful introduction to British birds, and their nesting habits. A lovely story woven around some real facts about nesting habits… young children should love it!’

Barn Owl Trust

Fascinating and accurate

The heartwarming storytelling is rooted in science, offering fascinating and accurate information about nests in a way that captivates young readers. The illustrations are a visual delight, with geometic birds vividly portrayed against sereve backgrounds of soft florals, textured bark, and lush shades of green. The shimmering eggs and downy nests add a touch of magic to every page, making this book not only a feast for the eyes but also a treasure trove of knowledge.

The Best Nest Contest is sure to spark a love of nature and birds in children, making it a must-have for any young reader's collection. 

Songbird Survival

Celebrate individualism

The Best Nest Contest subtly emphasises the importance of individualism. Through simple rhymes and charming illustrations, children discover that every bird is unique with different needs.

This message helps kids recognize and appreciate their own unique qualities and those of others, fostering self-confidence and empathy.

By celebrating these differences, children can grow up feeling valued in their uniqueness and learn to value individualism in others. This book aims to instill this essential concept in a fun and engaging way, ensuring every child feels special and appreciated.

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Message from the author

With nature in crisis, it's crucial to educate the next generation of wildlife ambassadors. A lifelong love for wildlife begins with discovery at a young age. I was fortunate to be raised by wildlife lovers who taught me the importance of biodiversity early on.

Teaching children to identify different birds in our gardens and wild spaces builds their confidence and helps develop their natural love for the world around them.

I wrote this book to give children more than just a basic look at nests. Using simple rhymes, kids will learn about the essential 'ingredients' for each bird's nest—things even some adults might not know. And we all know how much children love knowing things that adults don't!

The story celebrates individualism, teaching kids that everyone is different and has different needs. This is something children need to understand more than ever, and my own children love celebrating their uniqueness. They're never the 'odd one out'—they're simply 'unique', which brings great inner confidence. 

I recently received a note from my hero, Sir David Attenborough, wishing me success with my book. He has inspired so many children's love of nature, and I hope that one day in the future, we'll hear of someone doing great things, and I'd love it if it all started with The Best Nest Contest.

I hope you decide to add my book to your collection. I'm sure it will become a favorite for years to come as that fascination grows.

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Special Offer

The Best Nest Contest is available for only £9.99, but for a short time I have a special offer available. 

Place your order from this page and get the Best Nest Contest PLUS a free print from the story - an amazing addition for your child's room. 

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48 pages of story and illustration

High Quality Paperback

Written for children 4-8 years old

Easy to read, rhyming storybook

If you experience any issues please contact Luke on 07891 530393 or

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