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Art Access for Everyone: Discover the 'Art For All' Campaign

I'm thrilled to introduce you to "Art For All," a special initiative that's close to my heart. As an art enthusiast and founder of this campaign, I believe that art has the power to transform spaces and touch lives. Let me tell you what it's all about.

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You've heard of wonky veg, here is wonky art

Art For All is all about sharing the beauty of art, even in its quirkiest forms. I have a collection of prints that may have slight imperfections, like bent corners or minor colour variations, making them "seconds."


Instead of letting these prints go to waste, I'm dedicated to bringing them to life on your walls! These prints are still full of beauty and charm, and I'm excited to share them with you.

This initiative is an extension of, and fully funded by my Art For Good campaign. The goal? To bring art to non-profit places that might not typically have access to it. Think schools, care homes, and hospitals – places where a touch of color can make a real difference.

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Who's on my mind?

Care homes, schools, hospitals, and other spaces what wouldn't normally receive things like this. I'm targeting non profit organisations. Picture these prints in community spaces or residents' rooms. Can you imagine the smiles and conversations they could inspire?

From brightening up the room of a resident of a carehome, inspiring children in schools, adding a splash of colour to a hospital waiting room, these are the places I'd love to reach....

The Best Part? It's on Me!

Guess what? There's no cost involved. I'm covering everything, including postage. This campaign is my way of sharing the joy of art without any barriers.

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How It Works

Ready to bring some artful charm into your community? Here's how "Art For All" works:

🎨 Step 1: Nominate Your Community Group: Complete the simple form below to nominate a school, care home, hospital, or any other group that could use a dose of creativity. Don't hesitate to self-nominate if you're from one of these places and believe your community deserves this artistic treat.

💬 Step 2: Tell Me More: Share a little about the community you're nominating. Let us know why they could use this art infusion and how it might make a positive impact.

💌 Step 3: Spread the Word: Feel free to nominate a place you work, a charity you know, or that a friend or family member knows. The more nominations, the merrier!

🎁 Step 4: Delivery Directly to Them: Once the nominations roll in, I'll work my magic. If your nominated organisation is selected, I'll personally send a box of prints directly to them. It's all about creating smiles and a splash of colour where it matters most.

✨ Let's Get Started: Ready to brighten up a space? Nominate your non-profit and let's make the "Art For All" vision come to life. I can't wait to see the positive impact these prints will have!

Simply fill in the form below and over the next few month, we'll start filling those white walls with colour.

I welcome your support

If you'd like to support Art For All with a donation please click here. WIth your help, we can reach more care homes, hospices, hospitals and schools around the country.


Really, every single donation, no matter how big or small helps!

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Get involved in Art For All

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

How many prints would be needed?

Can you help?

I'm looking for support with my Art For All campaign. This campaign costs hundreds of pounds, which as an independent artist is hard to make happen


With more support we can reach more people and brighten more lives.


Any support with supplies such as envelopes, or support with other costs will benefit communities all over the country. 

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