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Make a difference

We believe that together, we can make "Art For All" an even more impactful initiative. Your support and sponsorship can help us reach more recipients, spread more smiles, and touch more lives through the magic of art. Here's how you can be a part of our journey:

Envelopes and Supplies: One practical way to contribute is by donating envelopes or other supplies such as protective packaging and stickers. Envelopes play a vital role in ensuring that our prints reach recipients in the best condition possible. Your contribution in this aspect can go a long way in making each unboxing moment special.

Financial Support: Financial support allows us to cover various costs, from postage to creating promotional materials that help us reach wider audiences. Your contribution, no matter the size, can directly impact the number of recipients we're able to touch with "Art For All."

Partner with Us: If you represent a company or organisation that aligns with our values and wants to make a positive impact, consider partnering with "Art For All." We can collaborate to create a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship that benefits everyone involved.

Together, We're Stronger: The more support we receive, the more communities we can reach, and the more lives we can brighten. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, adds to the collective effort of creating a world where art knows no boundaries.

If you're interested in supporting "Art For All," click here please contact Luke at


Let's come together and make a difference through the power of art.




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