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44 pages of story and illustration

High Quality Paperback

Written for children 4-8 years old

Easy to read, rhyming storybook

My Son is 11 years old and dyslexic. 10 out of 10. It's easy to read and when reading it slowly it still rhymes. The words are clear and font is great. The pictures and birds are bright and colourful. 
I teach reception and my class would love this. I also think this story could be used in pretty much any primary age for loads of areas of learning. I think it's brilliant, really lovely. 
Luke, this is really great, it has a lovely flow to is and would lovely to read out loud. The bird illustrations are adorable. 


The Best Nest Contest

One sunny afternoon, I found myself telling stories about the birds in our garden.


We had just put up a shiny new birdhouse on a tree overlooking a bird bath and Cherry Tree.

I narrated the scene to my 10-month-old daughter as a several birds seemed to be competing for this new home, with it's water view. 

The tale unfolded when a proud Blue Tit emerged from the hole in the birdhouse, looking quite pleased with himself. He hopped onto a nearby branch and sang out loud, as if to say.... "My Nest is Best."


Meanwhile, the territorial Robin was chirping away, too, and that's where the idea of the story came from. 

‘This colourful and quirky children’s book is a wonderful introduction to British birds, and their nesting habits. A lovely story woven around some real facts about nesting habits… young children should love it!’ - Barn Owl Trust

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What will you get from this book?

The Best Nest Contest has been written for children with a reading age of 5-8. I've avoided overly complex words to encourage independent reading, but it'll be enjoyed by children even younger with shared storytime. 

The illustrations have been carefully considered giving an fun and educational look at different birds nests, and where they're likely to be located.

The story develops as an enjoyable pace before ending with a nice moral. 


Why I've written

The Best Nest Contest

“If children grow up not knowing about nature and appreciating it, they will not understand it, and if they don’t understand it, they won’t protect it, and if they don’t protect it, who will?”

- Sir David Attenborough

Children are the next generation of ambassadors, and a lifetime of fascination starts with education, and being inspired during childhood.

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