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Surrey Wildlife Trust

In partnership with Luke Western Art LTD


Luke Western Art Wire Sculptures

Get your own wire sculpture whilst support supporting Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Surrey Wildlife Trust and Luke Western Art have joined forces to provide you with the chance to commission your very own stunning artwork.

Upon reaching out to Luke through the form at the bottom of this page to order any commissioned sculpture, 15% of its value will be donated directly to Surrey Wildlife Trust.


Some of Luke's Wire Sculptures

About Luke Western Art

Since 2010, Luke has honed his craft as a wire sculptor, fashioning exquisite artworks from British mild steel. His creations, spanning from graceful dancers to lifelike wildlife, are a testament to his skill and creativity.

Each artwork is meticulously crafted to bring your vision to fruition. Starting at £1,000, Luke's sculptures typically take fourweeks or more to complete, depending on factors such as size, subject, and complexity. When consulting with Luke, he ensures transparent communication, discussing all details before you make your final decision.

Uncertain about your artistic direction? Luke welcomes enquiries from clients who seek inspiration for their spaces. Whether it's a home interior or a garden spot in need of a special touch, Luke thrives on such challenges. Simply provide him with photographs and videos of the space, and he'll dive in. Initially, a video call allows Luke to understand your interests, preferences, and vision, paving the way for tailored ideas.

The creative process unfolds collaboratively, starting with initial sketches until you discover a concept that resonates with you. Throughout, Luke refines the idea until it reaches its full potential.


At this time, he provides a detailed quotation encompassing price, installation, finish, and estimated lead time.

15% of your order's value will be contributed to Surrey Wildlife Trust

A one-of-a-kind gift

Let Luke craft a bespoke wire sculpture for your loved one. These extraordinary gifts always leave a lasting impression. If you have an upcoming special event, just inform Luke, and he'll let ou know if there's enough time to create something truly special, without compromising on quality.  

Enquire about your own wire sculpture

If you're thinking about a unique piece of artwork, get in touch with Luke here. 

Thanks for getting in touch

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