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The Best Nest Content

Written and illustrated by Luke Western


Introducing "The Best Nest Contest" by Luke Western, a delightful children's book that will captivate young readers aged 5+. Filled with enchanting rhymes and vibrant illustrations by Luke himself, this book is a treasure trove from start to finish.


Follow along as the birds of the gardens of green boast about their nests, each claiming theirs to be the best, only to be gently guided by the wisdom of Bullfinch.


From a whispered twitter to a full-fledged chorus, the birds' antics unfold in poetic story telling across 48 engaging pages. Whether enjoyed independently or shared with a grown-up for younger readers, this book promises endless entertainment and learning.


It started with a twitter, 

barely a sound, 

but grew to a chorus, 

all around. 


"My nest is best", 

they sang in turn, 

but Bullfinch knows,

they've much to learn.


‘This colourful and quirky children’s book is a wonderful introduction to British birds, and their nesting habits. A lovely story woven around some real facts about nesting habits… young children should love it!’ - Barn Owl Trust



The Best Nest Content will be published on the 02/06/24


I'm taking pre orders and will personally sign the for the first 100 people that request it.


The Best Nest Contest

Dispatched on 03/06/24
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  • Reviews

    I asked a number of people from my social media following to review the book before launching it.

    Here are some snapshots of what they said:

    • WOW Luke! Your book is just wonderful!! The way it rhymes and flows is beautiful.


    • My Son is 11 years old and dyslexic. 10 out of 10. It's easy to read and when reading it slowly it still rhymes. The words are clear and font is great. THe pictures and birds are bright and colourful. 


    • Luke, this is rea