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The Best Nest Content

Written and illustrated by Luke Western


Introducing "The Best Nest Contest" by Luke Western, a delightful children's book that will captivate young readers aged 3+. Filled with enchanting rhymes and vibrant illustrations by Luke himself, this book is a treasure trove from start to finish.


Follow along as a  the birds of the gardens of green boast about their nests, each claiming theirs to be the best, only to be gently guided by the wisdom of Bullfinch.


From a mere twitter to a full-fledged chorus, the birds' antics unfold in poetic splendor across 44 engaging pages. Whether enjoyed independently or shared with a grown-up, this book promises endless entertainment and learning.


Whether children choose to read alone or with a guiding adult, "The Best Nest Contest" offers a wonderful blend of education and entertainment. Join the birds of the gardens of green while sharing moments of joy and discovery with your little ones.


It started with a twitter, 

barely a sound, 

but grew to a chorus, 

all around. 


"My nest is best", 

they sang in turn, 

but Bullfinch knows,

they've much to learn.



The Best Nest Content will be published on the 02/06/24


I'm taking pre orders and will personally sign the for the first 100 people that request it.


Also for my first 100 pre orders, I'm offering a discount  as a thank you for your support- so get in there fast.

Signed Copy of The Best Nest Contest