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Geometric Bird Art Prints

Peacock Art Print


Peacock is all about the fashion game. He’s the undisputed king of glamour with iridescent blues and greens that put gemstones to shame, and that iconic crystal-lined tail boasting an array of "look at me" eyespots, this bird turns every outing into a red-carpet event.


When Peacock hits that red carpet, his tail gets fanned out in all its glory, leaving photographers reaching for their wide-angle lens.


But Peacock's fashion statement isn't just visual. He’s got a vocal game to match. When it's time to impress the ladies, He belts out a call that's part "love song" and part "rock concert." Think Meat Loaf and Elvis and you’re on the right track.


Speaking of impressing the ladies, Peacock's elaborate, well-practiced courtship dance channels Shakira and Michael Jackson, with a hip shake here, a twist there, the ladies can’t resist.


Despite all the glitz and glamour, they're actually quite down-to-earth eaters, often munching on insects and small creatures. It's a bit like when we found out Usain Bolt eats chicken nuggets before a race!


The peacock isn't just a pretty face; he’s a symbol of beauty and grace in cultures around the world. In India, it's revered as a sacred bird, while in other places, it's a representation of elegance and splendour.


  • A5, A4, and A3