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Geometric Birds - Birds of the Thames Path

Grey Wagtail


Paper: High Quality 300gsm

Finish : Semi Gloss

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20% of profit goes to The National Trail




We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The National Trail to present a special series called "Birds of The Thames Path". This unique series showcases the beautiful birds you can spot while walking along one of the many incredible trails dotted along the Thames Path.


The trails are truly special and have been designated by the Government, managed to a set of Quality Standards that set them above other routes. You'll find the trails well waymarked with the distinctive acorn symbol, and each one is looked after by a dedicated officer, often with teams of volunteers.


When you purchase any item from our Birds of The Thames Path series, we are delighted to let you know that 20% of the profits will be donated to The National Trail. This donation will assist in the maintenance of these crucial areas, ensuring that they remain healthy and accessible for everyone to enjoy. We believe in the importance of giving back to the environment and community, and we thank you for supporting this cause with your purchase.




The Grey Wagtail is a beautiful bird that can be found near fast-moving rivers and streams throughout the UK. It has a distinctive grey-blue plumage, with a bright yellow underside and a long, slender tail.


Grey Wagtails are known for their acrobatic skills, often seen darting and hovering over water, feeding on insects and small invertebrates. They also have a unique nesting behavior, building their nests on or near waterfalls and other fast-flowing water sources.


While Grey Wagtails are not considered a threatened species, they are still vulnerable to habitat loss and degradation, particularly in areas where rivers and streams have been altered or polluted. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this beautiful bird and its habitat.


We are excited to include the Grey Wagtail in our Geometric Bird Illustration collection. We hope that this stunning bird will inspire you to learn more about the Grey Wagtail and its important role in our natural world, and to support conservation efforts to protect this remarkable species for future generations.




Our prints are available as individual A5 (£10) and A4 (£15) sizes, on high quality 300gsm paper with a stunning semi gloss finish. We also offer sets of 10 birds, available in A5 (£19.99) and A4 (£29.99), which include the following birds:


  • Kingfisher
  • Mute Swan
  • Lapwing
  • Common Blackbird
  • Grey Wagtail
  • European Goldfinch
  • Common Magpie
  • House Sparrow
  • Eurasian Jay
  • Long Tailed Tit


We aim to dispatch all orders within two working days using Royal Mail First Class postage. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy exploring our Birds of The Thames Path series!

Grey Wagtail - Geometric Birds of The Thames Path Series One

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