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Geometric Birds of Prey

White Tailed Eagle Art Print


Guten Tag, Meet White Tailed Eagle.


Now this is a serious bird , there's a bird that's like the grand boss—the White-Tailed Eagle! He's big, he's bold (he’s actually related to the American Bold Eagle), and he's got a wingspan that's as wide as, hold onto your feathers, two and a half bicycles lined up next to each other!


Imagine this majestic guy with his snowy head, strong beak, and a tail that's as white as a snowball. He's like the sport superstar of the bird world, and he's even on Germany's coat-of-arms and is their national bird! (Now the Guten Tag at the start makes sense)


When it's dinnertime, he goes into sportscar mode. From way up high, he spots his prey in the water, and then, with a dive that's faster than a race car, he snatches his meal from the surface.


And when it's time for family matters, he's all about building a cozy nest in the treetops. His nests are like penthouses with the best views in town.

White Tailed Eagle