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*Contact me for commission enquiries* 


This is my jumping dance wire sculpture artwork. She's jumping with material presented as light copper mesh. 


The internal structure is built with steel wire, and covered in aluminium mesh. 


The contrast between the silver of the aluminium and copper mesh makes a very striking piece. 


When viewed in person, people often questions how she's suspended, and that's all part of this one of a kind wire dance art.


She's mounted on a stunning piece of ash. 


This piece comes with the original signed sketch. 


I've been selling sculptures privately and to galleries around the country for years.


Approx Measurements

Height - 5cm
Depth - 18cm
Width - 93cm


Sculpture (including copper mesh)
Height - 79cm
Depth - 30cm
Width - 64cm 


Height - 84cm
Width - 110cm
Depth  - 30cm


Weight - 5kg


Any questions, just ask.

Large Jumping Wire & Mesh Sculpture