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Geometric Birds of Prey

Golden Eagle Art Print


Meet Golden Eagle, he has a heart of gold!


At 40 "eagle" years young (that's about middle-aged in human terms), this dashing raptor is living life to the fullest. With a wingspan that’s probably wider than you are tall, and feathers that shimmer like pure molten sunshine, he's a true head-turner. But it's not just his looks that set him apart; it's his personality.


Golden Eagle is the poster bird for commitment. He's been head-over-talons in love with his partner, for decades, they’re mates for life. Together, they've raised a dynasty of eaglets, teaching them the values of loyalty and perseverance. Their nest, perched high on a rugged US mountain peak, isn't just a nest; it's home, upgraded and expanded over the years like a cozy palace in the sky.


When he's not busy being a doting husband and dad, Golden Eagle enjoys some classic eagle hobbies. He's a pro hunter, swooping down with Eagle Eyed precision to serve up the latest forest buffet. But he's not all business – Golden Eagle got an adventurous side, exploring the breathtaking vistas of his mountainous domain and playing tour guide to his youngsters.