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Geometric Birds of Prey

Eurasian Griffon Vulture Art Print


Let me introduce you to Griffon Vulture, the bird with an honest mission – cleaning up the countryside while tackling the misconceptions spread by cartoons. With an epic wingspan stretching up to nine feet, he's a feathered superhero, swooping down to clear away carrion with all the flair of a Saturday morning cartoon


Griffon Vulture has been annoyingly misunderstood, thanks to his cartoonish portrayals. You know the drill – he's often the "villain" in animated stories, when in reality, he's the dedicated warden of the great outdoors.


Fuelled by a natural desire to keep his homeland spick and span, he's nature's disease-control, swiftly removing carrion to keep the countryside healthy and happy.


But despite his best efforts, Griffon Vulture remains the lovable underdog, proving that you should never trust everything you see on TV.

Griffon Vulture