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Bird Mugshot Series One

Northern Cardinal Bird Art Print


Arrest Report



On this particular occasion, Cardinal was apprehended for an unexpected offense - "Distracting the Umpire" during a local Little League baseball game in Central Park. Witnesses reported that Cardinal, perched on a tree branch overlooking the field, became engaged in a spirited, impromptu solo performance during a crucial moment in the game.


His enthusiastic singing disrupted the players, coaches, and even the umpire, who momentarily lost track of the pitch count. The game was briefly delayed as everyone marvelled at Cardinal’s vocal talents. While his musical interlude was charming, it was deemed a distraction to the game proceedings.



Cardinal is being charged with "Distracting the Umpire" under The Bird Code of Conduct (Section 2, Article 5). Given his otherwise peaceful and uplifting presence in the community, it is expected that he will be released with a warning and a friendly reminder to save his musical performances for more appropriate occasions.

Cardinal (Northern)