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Bird Mugshot Series One

Inca Tern


Arrest Report



On this particular occasion, Inca Tern was apprehended for an amusing offense - "Impersonating a Sea Gull." Witnesses reported that Inca Tern had decided to blend in with a nearby flock of seagulls by adopting their vocalisations and mannerisms. He had even attempted to snatch a few discarded French fries from unsuspecting beachgoers. His audacious attempt to fit in with a different avian species added an unexpected element of humour to the coastal scene.



 Inca Tern is being charged with "Impersonating a Sea Gull" under The Bird Code of Conduct (Section 6, Article 18). Given the non-disruptive and humorous nature of his actions, it is expected that he will be released with a warning and a reminder to express his unique Inca Tern identity more authentically in the future.

Inca Tern

  • A5 and A4