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Bird Mugshot Series One

European Robin Bird Art Print


Arrest Report



On this particular occasion, Robin was apprehended for what could only be described as "disturbing the peace" during his impromptu and enthusiastic rendition of traditional European Christmas carols in the middle of August. His delightful singing, while out of season, created a joyful atmosphere that baffled the local residents and disrupted their daily routines. Robin's spirited performance of "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls" in a hot, summer setting led to both confusion and laughter among onlookers. Despite the out-of-season festivities, Robin's charm and enthusiasm were undeniable.



Robin is being charged with "Disturbing the Peace" under the Bird Code (Section 4, Article 12), a non-serious avian offense. He will be released with a warning, and the charges may be dropped after an official evaluation of the incident.

Robin Portrait