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Geometric Bird Art Prints

Welcome Swallow Art Print


Meet Welcome Swallow. He may be small, but he’s got wings for days! He’s a daredevil, always seeking his next thrill. With his friends, is flies in circles that make viewers dizzy while watching them.


He’s got amazing metallic blue-black plumage and a chestnut-coloured forehead, It’s an amazing look that very few can pull off.


Hailing from the land down under, Welcome Swallow lives on the East Coast, he's actually got family all over Oz and New Zealand. He’s got that real backpacker vibe. Each year, when winter arrives in Australia, he packs his campervan and heads north to visit Aunt Sheila, where the heat is a little more to his liking.


But it's not all about showboating in the sky. Welcome Swallow takes his home seriously. His camping expert, crafting cozy tents on dark ledges and in nooks and crannies the outback’s outbuildings.


Shrimp on the barbie anyone? Not for Welcome Swallow – he doesn’t think much of seafood. Instead he prefers food on the go, using those XL wings to swoop through the air to catch insects.