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Geometric Bird Art Print

Eurasian Jay Art Print


Introducing the Jay, nature's feathered jewel with a splash of vibrant flair!


With his understated elegance in shades of blue, white, and black, Eurasian Jay is the secret agent of the bird world. He prefers to stay incognito, often heard rather than seen.


Part of Jays morning beauty routine is to use some clever natural ingredients. To keep his feathers parasite-free, he performs the eccentric ritual known as "anting." He covers himself ants, yes ants! These kind ants use formic acid to wage war on unwanted stragglers, all free of charge! 


The Jay is basically the bird version of a squirrel with a serious treasure-hunting hobby! While I'm here misplacing my keys on a daily basis, Jay is burying thousands of acorns each year – we're talking 4,500 to 11,000!


But here's the real beak-dropper. He can still find those hidden treasures up to 10 months later. It's like he’s got their very own Acorn Investment Savings Account (AISA) – the Jay's secret stash for a rainy day


  • A5, A4, and A3

  •  ✔️ High Quality 300gsm Sustainabily Source Paper


    ✔️ Stunning Semi Gloss Finish




    💌 Free Royal Mail FIrst Class. DIspatched within 2 working days. Delivered in suitable packaging to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition. 




    🎨 I've invested significant effort into crafting a flawless piece of art for you, striving to maintain precise colour accuracy between the s