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Geometric Bird Art Print

House Sparrow Art Print


Meet House Sparrow, the pint-sized dynamo of adaptability and resourcefulness!

In a world where some birds are so picky about their pads, House Sparrow laughs in the face of conformity. These little daredevils will set up shop anywhere they can squeeze into, from lamp posts to road signs, and even cozy holes in rooftops.


Dressed in the most practical brown and grey attire, House Sparrow knows that comfort is key. No flashy feathers here; they're all about that cozy, down-to-earth look. Think of them as the bird-next-door, always ready for a friendly chat over a cup of birdseed tea.


House Sparrow don't just move in slowly —they bring the whole gang along! You'll hear their chit-chat echoing through the neighbourhood as they throw the wildest, noisiest parties.

House Sparrow

  • A5, A4, and A3

  •  ✔️ High Quality 300gsm Sustainabily Source Paper


    ✔️ Stunning Semi Gloss Finish




    💌 Free Royal Mail FIrst Class. DIspatched within 2 working days. Delivered in suitable packaging to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition. 




    🎨 I've invested significant effort into crafting a flawless piece of art for you, striving to maintain precise colour accuracy between the screen representation and the printed piece. Nonetheless, variations in screen displays may result in minor colour differences. Many of my customers have remarked on how much more vibrant the art appears in person.




    🔳 Every print is provided without a frame, allowing you the flexibility to choose your preferred framing option.