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Great Spotted Woodpecker Art Print


Meet Great Spotted Woodpecker! (Woody for short). Woody might be small, but he's a true powerhouse in the world of woodpeckers. At 7 "woodpecker" years (which is like reaching middle-age for his kind), he's a seasoned tree drummer with a zest for life., Woody is always ready to work.


Woody embodies the spirit of a rockstar drummer. With a head of tousled hair, striking black and white plumage, a signature bright red cap, and a wardrobe full of vintage band t-shirts, he's instantly recognisable wherever he goes. His drumming skills are the stuff of legends, and his performances are known to leave audiences in awe.


Despite his fame, Woody Rhythm is a nature enthusiast at heart and he’s all about territory. He takes his role of the ranger of  his 12-acre piece of the forest seriously. He's fiercely territorial, defending his patch of woods with gusto and ensuring that no other woodpecker dares to encroach on his turf.


While Woody may not form long-lasting pair bonds with a single partner, during the breeding season, he's a charismatic woodpecker always on the latest dating app, searching a mate within his territory. Once he's matched with someone, they move quickly, they work together to build a cabin in the heart of a lush forest. As with most band members, it's a seasonal partnership, but it's a crucial part of Woody's life cycle.


When at home, he’ll take a break from the room service food, and will look after himself with a selection of tasty insects and juicy grubs

Woodpecker (Great Spotted)

  • A5, A4, and A3