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Geometric Bird Art Prints

Eurasian Bullfinch


Meet Bullfinch, a poet in the quiet of woodlands, a philosopher lost in the vast cosmos. With a penchant for espresso, he contemplates the profound questions of existence, composing verses that mirror his relentless quest for meaning.


Draped in subtle charcoal-gray plumage, graced with a delicate rosy-pink touch, the Bullfinch embodies refined contemplation. In the depths of his soul, curiosity takes flight, and he finds solace in the intricate beauty of life's subtle details, much like an artist captivated by the world's every nuance.


When you welcome the Bullfinch into your world, you're not just inviting a bird; you're embracing a poetic soul, a cosmic thinker, and an artist who seeks to uncover the mysteries of existence. Prepare to be inspired by his espresso-fueled journey through the vast expanse of life's questions, where every moment is a verse waiting to be written.


"Amidst the woodlands' calm, I ponder life's grand view,

Bullfinch, a poet, with questions yet to construe.

With espresso's embrace, I chase elusive schemes,

To fathom existence, and its purpose, it seems.


Deep within my soul, curiosity takes flight,

In this boundless universe, where wonder shines bright.

Though answers may elude me, like stars in the night,

I'll keep seeking, through life's questions, till the light."


  • A5, A4, and A3

  • ✔️ High Quality 300gsm Sustainabily Source Paper

    ✔️ Stunning Semi Gloss Finish


    💌 Free Royal Mail FIrst Class. DIspatched within 2 working days. Delivered in suitable packaging to ensure your artwork arrives in perfect condition. 


    🎨 I've invested significant effort into crafting a flawless piece of art for you, striving to maintain precise colour accuracy between the screen representation and the printed piece. Nonetheless, variations in screen displays may result in minor colour differences. Many of my customers have remarked on how much more vibrant the art appears in person.


    🔳 Every print is provided without a frame, allowing you the flexibility to choose your preferred framing option.