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Inspiring the younger generation

A few months ago I designed a new logo for a group of schools in Norfolk. They had seen my Geometric Birds and liked them so much, they commissioned their own illustration of a Kingfisher in flight.

I worked closely with the head of the group, offering multiple sketches of the form of the bird, before refining his preferred option.

But that's not really what this blog is about....

A couple of months later I received this email:

"Dear Luke


Hope you are well. I thought you’d like to see some of the work you have inspired!"

Northgate Primary School of over 450 children had taken part in whole school art project, and they sent me some pictures...

I really loved seeing this. Young people are so creative and it's amazing when it's encouraged by schools.

Well done to everyone at Northgate Primary School, you've created some amazing artwork and you should be very, very proud! Thanks for sending this to me, it made my day! Luke

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