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Featured Artist of The Thames Path National Trail

On a Friday evening a few weeks ago, I received an email entitled 'Partnership'. It was from the lovely guys at the Thames Path National Trail, saying they have seen my artwork, how much they love it, and if I would be interested in working in partnership with them.

I had a Teams meeting with them shortly afterwards, and we both decided that we'd like to work together.

I am thrilled to share that I am now the featured artist of the Thames Path National Trail. I lived in London for a few years, and used these trails regularly (there are some great pubs to visit), so I know just how important the maintainance them, to the local community as well as tourists is.

The trails are a true wonder, distinguished by the government and administered to a rigorous set of quality standards that differentiate them from other paths. Each trail bears the iconic acorn symbol and is overseen by a devoted officer, frequently with the assistance of volunteers. We've got lots of plans in the pipeline, and I'm thrilled to start by introducing you the the first series of Birds of The Thames Path. By purchasing any of the illustrations from the Birds of The Thames Path collection, you will be donating 20% of the profits to The National Trail, which will aid in preserving and safeguarding these vital areas. By supporting our cause, you will not only be acquiring a stunning piece of art (or two) but also contributing to the conservation of the environment and the community.

Take a closer look at the collection here

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