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A Tour Ending in London's Southbank

When I started drawing my Cayman Blue Iguana in early 2021, I had no idea that it would end up, hanging in a gallery in London's Southbank. But that's what happened.

I found a group called Explorers Against Extinction who run a campaign called 'Sketch for Survival'.

Sketch for Survival helps raise money for endangered species around the world by exhibition and auctioning selected pieces of work, submitted though a competition.

At the time I was in a phase of drawing lizards (you'll notice on my social media that every other post at that time was a lizards eye) so the competition was perfect for me to enter.

40 hours of drawing (over many weeks) later I had a finished piece and my partner came up with the perfect name 'Cayman Gone'

So I entered it.

Months passed, I forgot about it for long periods of time. Then I received an email...

I had made it to the final! Cayman Gone was going on tour, from Norfolk, to Scotland and London with a few stops on the way. Amazing.

Cayman gone had been selected by a panel of judges, to be exhibited and auctioned, over 3500 other entries.

To say I was pleased was an understatement!


I made a comment on my social media that I was worried it wouldn't sell. What if they selected mine over all these others, and alongside some truly world class artists, and then it doesn't sell.

Impostor syndrome apparently.

Well, my nerves were gone early on. Cayman Gone got an early bid of £75, which raised to £160 over the next few weeks, which is what it sold for. Phew.

A visit to London

Myself and my partner took our kids to London for the day to see the exhibition. It was amazing to see their faces when they found my artwork. We had a great look around, and inspired three 6 year olds, to enter the junior competition next year (the all LOVE animals).

Somehow, in a day we manged to meet up with a friend (Hi Andy) visit the exhibition, go for lunch, visit the Tate, and see Big Ben.

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