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A History of free art

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I've given away art for years.

It all started in Bristol in the early 2000's. I left a series of hand painted canvases around the city for people to find and keep. I left my website on the back and loved it when people sent me in message thanking me.

There was no routine to when I did it, social media was young then so I didn't have 'followers' as such.

But somehow, word spread and I had a call from a newspaper asking, Am I this Luke Western guy who's leaving artwork around Bristol for people to find?

One interview in the pub I was running at the time lead to radio interviews and a heap of exhibition requests.

More recently I've created a series of Cosmic Cats, which were left around the neighbourhood in the midlands for people to find which went crazy. People loved them and raced to find them after I posted clues on my social media.

We've had sculpture drops, where I leave my wire sculptures for people to find, fluid flowers, a similar concept, and all to get people out and about and enjoying artwork.

More will be on the way soon, only this time, it'll be more accessible to everyone in the country, not just my local this space!

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