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Art For Good

by Luke Western Art

Read a short note from the studio of Luke Western Art

First of all, thanks for visiting.

I’m Luke, and artist from Bristol, now based in Shropshire.

Today, only on this page and while stocks last, I’m offering you one of my unique and colourful Geometric Bird Art Prints for FREE!


This offer forms part of my ‘Art For Good’ initiative, to help bring original artwork to all communities without having to pay the huge price tag, I’ll explain more about this shortly.

The prints on offer are on the next page.


These prints usually sell for £20 each, and I’ve sold thousands all of the UK, so being here right now, on this page is a great opportunity to snap one up for free.


My friends tell me I’ crazy…


If I sell prints for £20, having practiced my skills for over 20 years, why would I give them away for free?


Let me explain.


Number one:

I love creating, and I’m always drawing something, and I get a real buzz when someone that’s never seen my artwork, hangs something of mine on their wall. Years ago, when I was based in Bristol, I left 100 canvasses all over the streets of Bristol for people to find and keep. This is where it all began.


Number two:

Let’s face it, the last few years have been pretty tough. The pandemic, Brexit, cost of living crisis, recession…


…so this is my way of giving back


Number three

On a more personal note. I’d really love to get my artwork into the hands, and onto the walls of as many people as possible as my way of making Art For Good.


This helps people get to see and feel my work and brings much needed positivity.


In trust, I just want to make a good first impression.


I can’t think of a better way to do this.


Perhaps you’ll even come back one day for an original piece, or larger print, but of course, there is no pressure to do this.


Think of these birds as my ‘hit single’ – and I hope you like them enough to come back for the album.




Above, I’ve places four of my most popular prints, from my first four series of Geometric Birds, offering them for free (saving £20)


  • Due to limited stock, I’m afraid only 1 print per person can be claimed.

  • Stock is limited, and once the last print has gone, I’ll take this page down.


All I ask of you….


Is to cover a small shipping charge, to ensure your chosen print gets to you undamaged and in good time.




…and my hundreds of TrustPilot reviews will confirm this for you…




I want to take all risk away from you..


I guarantee you’ll love the FREE print, and if you don’t, I’ll refund the small fee for the P&P you paid, and you can keep the print anyway…


I have faith in good people.

I believe that everyone is good at heart.

If you really don’t like the artwork, you just need to email and I’ll refund you straight away.


I really love creating my artwork, and for me there’s nothing like the feeling of my supporters sending me pictures of their Geometric Birds, proudly on display.


That’s why I’m offering this guarantee.


It’s truly a no risk situation for you.


My hope is that you truly love what you receive and this will be the beginning of an artist/collector relationship for years to come.


If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, these are the next steps.


  1. Click the ‘Choose Print’ button below

  2. Browse the 4 available prints

  3. Choose your favourite (you can upgrade the size if you’d like for a small charge)

  4. Place your order

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