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Geometric Birds of Prey

Proudly presented to you in partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust

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Designing The Geometric Birds Of Prey

My fourth series of Geometric Birds is dedicated to some of the incredible birds of prey. These designs follow on from my first three series of Geometric Birds, including over 30 of our favourites. 

My list is almost endless and I'll continue to illustrate my favourite birds in my now signature style, and I'm always open to suggestions. 

Step By Step Process

Step One

Draw several sketches capturing the key features of the bird

Step Two

Plot the colours, including some shadows

Step Three

Work on geometric lines

Step Four

Add final colour

Step Five

Add background colour

I love to inspire

If you've designed your own geometric birds inspired by mine, please send them in to or tag me on social media @lukewesternart. I'd love to see (and share them).

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