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Luke Western visits

Five Ways Primary School

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm visiting Five Ways again. Last year we had a great time building our Peacock Sculpture that sits proudly in your gallery. 

This year we'll be creating a new sculpture AND I'll be reading my new book, The Best Nest Contest. 

A story celebrating individualism. 

Take your little one on a journey through the world of British garden birds and their unique nests in this delightful rhyming story book.

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Pre order
The Best Nest Contest

In order to make the day run smoothly, and to make sure everyone gets a copy of the book, I am taking pre orders.


The book retails for £9.99 with an optional print for an extra £5. 


As part of my work with Five Ways Primary School, I am offer a discounted rate of £8 for the book AND the print. A saving of £6.99.

The book will be handed to students when I visit on 01/07/24

Pre order your copy here:

About The Best Nest Contest

Written and illustrated by Luke Western


Enjoy a delightful rhyming story taking young readers on a journey, introducing the world of our wonderful  British garden birds and their unique nests, exploring the diversity of nature and the importance of individuality.


Follow along as the birds of the gardens of green boast about their nests, each claiming theirs to be the best, only to be gently guided by the wisdom of Bullfinch. 


From a whispered twitter to a full-fledged chorus, the birds' antics unfold in a poetic story across 48 engaging pages.


Whether enjoyed independently by children aged 5+ or shared with a grown-up for younger readers, The Best Nest Contest promises educational fun, with colourful illustrations bringing this enchanting story to life.


It started with a twitter, 

barely a sound, 

but grew to a chorus, 

all around. 


"My nest is best", 

they sang in turn, 

but Bullfinch knows,

they've much to learn.


‘This colourful and quirky children’s book is a wonderful introduction to British birds, and their nesting habits. A lovely story woven around some real facts about nesting habits… young children should love it!’ - Barn Owl Trust

If you experience any issues please contact Luke on 07891 530393 or

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